Day #5

Racing in RI cancelled today due to lousy weather. Used the time to get back to my Soling build.
I was able to set the keel in place and the same for the rudder post. Also placed screw eyes for anchor points.

Day 4

Today was focused on setting keel and rudder placements. Holes drilled for keel and rudder. Keel shoe aligned and servo crossmember was positioned for eventual placement. Cut the servo crossmember to fit my larger Hitec sail servo.

New Soling build begins

This novice builder has begun to follow the 29 pages of illustrated instructions. It starts with attaching the deck liner with epoxy. Left it overnight to cure.

Soling kit arrived

We (Cliff Martin and I ..[Paul Mercer]) opened the box and inventoried the parts. Weighed it all to get a rough idea how heavy the finished boat might be. We determined it might be heavier than originally thought, so we will factor that in our building plans. Well thought out kit, in many respects. The build will begin this week. After all, it is now sailing season. 😉


In March

Because of curiosity, Paul and Cliff plan to build one of the new Solings. Vac-U-Boat (same company that produces the club’s tugboats) was chosen by the Soling 1M class to replace Victor Models as the source for boat kits. See:
Production of these kits has just begun, and we expect to receive a build kit by the end of February. Stay tuned here, as we go through the entire build process. With some good luck, this new Soling may race in our club’s Ice Breaker in March. Will it be competitive against the old Soling?