Soling #3613 is ready to sail

After the paint, the fussiness of setting the standing rigging and the running rigging took more time than expected. I chose to use a complete rig from Dion Sails RC. I find rigs with 2 stays (1 with spreaders) to be difficult. The turnbuckles that came with the rig were butchered by me. I switched to Pekabe turnbuckles in order to fine tune more easily. My sails are from Sirius Sails and I had some difficulty threading the the jack wire in a very small luff pocket.

So, I will finally declare the project to be complete. I will take the boat to sail with Mount Hope Bay MYC next Tuesday.

I weighed the boat and it is 10 lbs 6 oz. Should be light enough to compete well, I hope.

Thanks Phil Pace! You build a great kit!

Paul Mercer
AMYA 18233