Local Sailing Rules (2023)

MmMYC Local Sailing Rules (2023)


1) The Minuteman Model Yacht Club website will post any last-minute changes to the sailing schedule due to weather or circumstances.

2) Changes will be posted by 7:00am on morning of regatta.

3) All members must check the website for any last-minute changes prior to traveling to the pond.

General (Club Centric) Regatta Rules (Excluding the Enduro)

1) All skippers who pay the entry fee (if required) may sail in a Regatta (provided an unreserved frequency is available).

2) All yachts must be registerable in an AMYA-sanctioned class.

3) The following low point scoring system will be used for all Regattas, except the Old Timers Regatta and the Enduro.

• First place will get 1 point; second place will get 2 points, etc.

• DNF (Did Not Finish) will be scored as the number of boats in the daily fleet plus 1

• DNS (Did Not Start) will be scored as the number of boats in the daily fleet plus 1

• DSQ (Disqualified) will be scored as the number of boats in the daily fleet plus 1

4) Each skipper is allowed one, five-minute hold per regatta.

5) The RD may modify one or more of these rules on regatta day with approval of a simple majority of the skipper’s present.

6) During a regatta, rigs may be swapped, but not appendages (even if allowed by class rules).  Boats may be substituted between regattas but not within a regatta, unless a boat is damaged and cannot continue.  A yacht may have more than one skipper in a regatta, with consent of the RD, but any points scored will be assigned to the sail number.

7) While more heats may be sailed on any particular day, only the first 12 heats will be scored.

8) There will be one throw-out for every 6 heats completed. 

9) At least 6 heats must be completed for a regatta to be counted.  

10) Any heat in which no yacht finishes within 10 minutes after the start will be abandoned.  For non-abandoned races, any yachts that have not finished within 15 minutes of the start will be scored by their order on the course. The order to be determined by the RD.

11) The regularly scheduled non-series regattas are:

• Ice Breaker (DF95/Soling1M Rotate)

• Independence Day (Open)

• Old timers Regatta (US1M)

• Sue Linville Memorial (Open/Soling1M) 

• Enduro (Open)

12) Dip starts will not be allowed unless declared in advance by the RD.

13) No marks may be touched unless declared in advance by the RD.

Class Specific (Fleet) Regatta Rules

1) For Class Specific (Fleet) Regattas, General Regatta Rules will apply.  In addition:

2) Only MmMYC members who have paid dues will be scored in Fleet Regattas.  

3) Yachts that are able to sail in more than one designated AMYA sanctioned class, with rig or appendage modification, may sail in a Fleet regatta so long as the appropriate modifications have been made to allow the yacht to conform to the Fleet class being sailed.

4) The Fleet Regattas will host only one class during each regatta, unless agreed to by the majority of skipper’s present.  Weather and circumstances permitting, there will be a predetermined number of scheduled Fleet regattas, according to the below schedule. 

Fleet# of Regattas
US1MMax 7
Soling1MMax 7
DF95Max 7

5) Each Fleet may have a designated Fleet Captain.  Fleet Captains:

• May schedule ad-hoc class specific regattas on days when no other racing is scheduled. 

• Are responsible for contacting individuals who may be interested in sailing and posting proposed ad-hoc regattas on the club website before the proposed event.  The ad-hoc regatta must be confirmed on the website as to “go” or “no-go” at least one week before the event.  

• Are responsible for ensuring there is a rescue boat and arrangements have been made for scorekeeping.

6) A skipper may register at any time before the last specified Series Regatta.

7) The winner of each regatta must serve as, or provide, the Race Director for the next regatta in the series.

• A Fleet Champion will be determined by adding the 5 lowest point scores out of the 7 scheduled regattas.  

• At least 5 regattas must be sailed in the series and by individuals in the series for a Fleet Champion to be determined.

• Make-up Fleet regattas will count towards determining a Fleet Champion.  Ad Hoc Fleet regattas will not count towards determining a Fleet Champion

8) Changes to any of these rules must have the approval of a simple majority of the skippers in the series and once changed must apply to all Regattas in the series.

Make-Up Fleet Regattas

1) Postponed Fleet Regattas will be sailed on the next calendar date on which the Class is scheduled to sail.

2) The make-up Fleet Regatta will replace the morning “Open Sailing” time on that date.

3) If a postponed Fleet Regatta has to be postponed a second time, it will be cancelled.

4) If a Fleet Regatta is cancelled, only 4 Regattas will be counted towards the Fleet trophy.

Old Timers’ Regatta

1) The General Regatta Rules will apply.  In addition:

• Only Minuteman MYC who are 65 years of age or older may sail in this regatta.

• The regatta is sailed with US One Meter yachts only.  

• Loaners may be made available. Arrangements for a loaner need to be made prior to the regatta. 

• In lieu of the traditional 5-minute repair hold, each skipper is allowed one 15-minute nap per day.

• Each skipper’s final score will be reduced based on an age-related deduction.  See Appendix, A.

• No score may be less than 1 after age deduction

• Each skipper is allowed one ten-minute hold for a battery change.

2) If available, the club’s youngest available member shall serve as the Race Director.

3) The starting gate will be twice as wide as usual, and all buoys may be touched as long as they are passed on the correct side.

The 4-Hour Enduro Race

1) The Enduro is held on the first or second Sunday in November.

2) There are no holds for the duration of the regatta.

3) The race is open to any AMYA class radio-controlled model sailing yacht, Except Wheelers and large “J-Class” boats

4) The order of finish is determined by the number of laps sailed plus the position on the course at 3:00 PM, as best the committee and any volunteers can determine, followed by the number of laps completed by yachts that are not sailing the course.

5) All rules of right of way are in effect.

6) Hitting of buoys is permissible. Just get around them.

7) A recovery boat must be present to allow the race to commence.

8) The Club awards 2 perpetual trophies each year. One trophy is awarded to the winning skipper of those boats over 40 inches; and, the other trophy is awarded to the winning skipper of those boats 40 inches and under.

9) The race committee has the option of canceling the regatta if weather or other conditions appear to be unsafe.

10) This race has been sailed on beautiful days and some horrible days. Protect yourself.

11) This is not an AMYA sanctioned event.

12) These rules are subject to change without notice.


1) Awards/trophies will not be routinely awarded except as noted below or when specified in a Notice of Race (NOR).

2) If sailed, the following Fleet or General Regattas may award perpetual trophies to 1st place skippers.  Winning skipper names will be placed in the Trophy Room on the Website.  Skipper names may be engraved on existing perpetual trophies, but only if space permits.   

• Star 45

• US1M

• Ice Breaker

• Old-Timers

• Soling 1M

• DF95

• Enduro

3) The Sue Linville Memorial will award individual trophies at the discretion of Jim Linville.

Regatta Start/Finish Times

1. For Fleet Regattas:

• There will be an open sailing time from 10:00 am to Noon.

a) Any class boat may be sailed at this time; no formal racing will be held except as stated in 2.

• Fleet Regatta racing will begin at 12:00. No races will start after 3:00pm.

• All non-Fleet regattas will be from 11:00am to 2:00pm with a ½ hour lunch break.

• Exceptions

• 4-Hour Enduro:  11:00am – 3:00pm (No lunch; no breaks)

• Any Invitational (Open), Regional or National regatta start/finish times shall be specified in a NOR

2. For Make-up Fleet Regattas

• Make-up Fleet Regatta sailing will be 10:00am-12:00noon.  No make-up races will begin after 12:00noon.

• There will be a 45 min lunch break from 12:00noon to 12:45pm.

• Regular Fleet Regatta racing will be 12:45pm to 3:15pm.

Local Sailing Rules

Appendix, A

AgeDeduction AgeDeduction
651 806
661 816
671 826
681 836
691 846
702 858
712 868
722 878
732 888
742 898
754 9010
764 9110
774 9210
784 9310
794 9410