2021 Race Results

Series Regattas

As a Club we decided a few years ago to focus most of our racing in 3 classes; Dragon Flight 95, Soling One Meter and US One Meter.   This year we formalized that decision by designating perpetual trophies in each of these classes.  Past and future winners of these Series regattas can be found in the “Trophy Room” on the Minuteman Model Yacht Club website.

7 regattas are scheduled for each class and at the end of the year, the 5 lowest regatta scores for each skipper are added together.  The skippers with the lowest total of 5 scores wins.  

The racing is always close and skippers are never really sure where they will end up in the competition until the final scores are tallied.

This year’s winners were Cliff Martin in the US1M Series, and Peter DeWolfe in the S1M and DF95 Series.  Because racing was close, the table also shows the runner’s-up in each regatta.

My thanks to the skippers who come to sail with us.  They make our competitions more challenging and much more enjoyable.

Cliff Martin, Commodore


Chris Hornick10R21
Greg LaPlanteEC1220
John WhalenM19
Rick Gates10R19
Herb Dreher10R18
Paul MercerIOM18
Chris ObrienEC1217
Thom McLaughlinVM16
Rick LairdEC1216
Al FearnUS1215
Alain Jousse10R14
Cliff MartinVM14
Peter DeWolfeSeawind10
Did Not Finish  
Larry MazowayEC1211
Steve WhiteDF959
Jim LinvilleStar 451

Soling Series #5. October 31, 2021

DF95 Series #7. October 31, 2021

Soling Series #7. October 17, 2021

US 1 Meter Series #7. October 3, 2021

DF95 Series #6. September 26, 2021

Soling Series #6. September 19, 2021

DF95 Series #5. September 18, 2021

No scored races due to lack of wind

US1M Series #6. September 12, 2021

US 1 Meter Series #3. September 5, 2021

Susan Linville Memorial Regatta. August 29, 2021

Sue Linville Memorial – Results

Sue Linville Memorial (Standard Scoring)
SailSailorRankTotR 1R 2R 3R 4R 5R 6R 7R 8R 9R 10
606Peter DeWolfe1121311211131
734Herb Dreher2293254442328
470John Martin3314962365212
514Greg LaPlante4362423859453
520Cliff Martin53851481210647
316Paul Mercer6488537538566
26Rick Gates7577675687794
55Rick Laird8689789794879
689Jim Linville974681061073121212
94Ron Casciatto107812129109106985
442Steve White1110410101212121212121212
Sail Scoring made easy: www.afleet.app

Soling Series #5. August 21, 2021

DF95 Series #5. August 15, 2021

Soling Series #5 August 8, 2021

No racing due to lack of wind. To be sailed as a makeup on August 21, 2021

US1M Series #5

DF95 #4. July 25, 2021

Soling Series #4. July 8, 2021

Racing abandoned after 3 races. No wind.

Old Timers Regatta. July 11, 2021

Scott Spacie Memorial Footy Regatta. July 10, 2021

US1 Meter Series #4. June 27, 2021

DF95 Series #3

Soling Series #3. June 6, 2021

DF95 Series #2 May 22, 2021

Soling series #2 May 16, 2021

Nashua Footy Series – May 8, 2021

US 1 Meter Series – May 2, 2021

Soling 1 Meter -April 18, 2021

US1Meter – April 11, 2021

2021 Ice Breaker – April 3, 2021