DF95 Series #3

Near perfect sailing conditions for DF95 Series today. Thirteen skippers came to compete. Trying to find the best upwind legs, RD Pete DeWolfe made many course changes during the day. He also tried different starting lines. All races were counter clockwise courses in a breeze that came and went….but averaged 6 kts. Five skippers had winning races, and in the end the low scorer and winner of the day was Cliff Martin.

Soling Series #3

11 Solings arrived at Rosemary Lake today on a very warm day. There was a pre-race incident between Soling #606 and Soling #4070 and it resulted in #4070 being “holed” and she sunk immediately. Greg LaPlant (Soling #514) was on his way to retrieve his boat in the kayak, and he graciously diverted his course, was given a boat hook, and shortly thereafter he managed to snag #4070. (See below photos) That eliminated one boat from the field. Jim Linville decided to skip racing and Steve White had to leave early; consequently, there were 8 boats left to race.

Winds were Westerly and Soutwesterly and were particularly challenging along the shore. Cliff picked courses that we rarely sail in an attempt to find upwind legs. Racing was close throughout the day with 6 different skippers notching wins. At the end, Pete DeWolfe prevailed again.

US1M racing postponed


Skippers, due to a ≥90% chance of rain, the US1M Series Regatta scheduled for today (Sunday, May 30, 2021) will be cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday, Sept 5, 2021. Please change your calendars accordingly.

DF95 Series #2

A warm mostly sunny day for our DF95 series. Winds, as is typical for Rosemary Lake, swirled in every direction making the course selection difficult for our Race Director, Pete DeWolfe.
Twelve skippers tried their hands at multiple courses and at the end, once again, Pete DeWolfe prevailed with the low score.

A special “thanks” goes to Rick Gates for performing multiple boat rescues in the kayak!!

Revised Sailing Format

Attention Skippers- New Sailing Schedule Beginning Sunday, May 23, 2021

Based on the newest guidance from the CDC, and the governor’s intention to remove capacity restrictions in a few days, we have decided to go back to our Sunday sailing schedule that was in effect prior to the Pandemic.

The new Sunday schedule will have open, fun sailing in the morning, starting at 10:00am and going until Noon.  There will be a lunch break from Noon until 12:30pm.  The formal, scheduled series racing, listed on our schedule, will then start and go until 2:30pm.

Open, fun sailing means that people can bring and sail any model yacht they have.  There may be informal races (a starting timer will be present) but no scorekeeper will be provided andscores will not be counted towards a formal series regatta.  

Masks and social distancing will no longer be required for vaccinated individuals, but are optional if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Unvaccinated individuals should still wear masks and social distance until they are fully vaccinated.

See you at the pond!

Soling #2

Nine skippers for Soling series #2. Nice warm day with wind that came and went in every direction made for challenging conditions. Once again, Cliff Martin proved to be the best overall.
Thanks to Jerry and Jim for scoring the close racing and the start/finish line! 😉

US1M Series #2

Tricky winds all over the course, especially at the Red mark and the Green mark, made for a challenging day of racing. The clear winner again was Chris Hornick. John Whalen returned to compete with #18 and was near the top in every race.

Kayak Help Needed

Skippers, the reality of sailing model yachts is that at some time or another they will not be able to make it back to shore without help.  Essentially, you can’t have a sailboat regatta without a rescue boat.

MmMYC has been fortunate in that Jim Linville has kept the Club Kayak at his house and has brought it whenever MmMYC has a sailing event, AND he has been doing it for many, many years.  It has been a burden that Jim has happily carried, but he can’t do it anymore.

The Club needs a volunteer (or volunteers) with a truck or van to take over this responsibility.  It’s not hard, but it is a commitment.  The Club will ensure you have a car rack if needed.

The Club is also working on some alternative rescue methods that may not require a Kayak, but until they become a reality, we will still need the Kayak.  If we can’t find someone to help, we may have to curtail some of our sailing.

Please contact me or Jim Linville or John Lamport if you are willing to help, or if you have questions.


Cliff Martin,

Commodore, MmMYC

Chris Hornick’s day!

Big Soling fleet (13 boats) competed today at Rosemary Lake. Breeze was a bit swirling, but the frequent course changes made for a fun day and close competition. Two new faces joined us, so we welcomed Sam and Greg. Cliff Martin graciously gave up his chance to race in order to give us a well run day as Race Director. Thanks again Cliff.
At the end, Chris Hornick prevailed with the low score. He also was finally awarded the club’s new Enduro Trophy for his victory last November.

New club policies on weather delays

Minutes MmMYC Ad Hoc Zoom Meeting

April 11, 2021

MmMYC ad hoc Zoom started at 7:00pm with 15 members in attendance.  

The first order of business was to define what conditions would cause a regatta to be cancelled.  After discussion, it was decided by consensus that a forecast showing 60% or greater chance of rain, during the hours we would sail, would be sufficient cause to cancel a regatta.

The next order of business was to decide when a regatta would be cancelled and how it would be rescheduled.  After much discussion, it was decided by consensus that a regatta would not be cancelled until the morning of the regatta, using the above criteria.  It was further decided that the cancelled regatta would be rescheduled on the next available Sunday.  Note: Three available Sundays were identified on the MmMYC schedule.  If no Sundays were available on the MmMYC schedule, then a cancelled regatta would be scheduled on the next available Saturday on the MmMYC.  No consideration would be given to conflicts with other club regattas.  

The final order of business was about the hours of sailing for a regatta.  During the Winter Zoom meetings, it was decided that 11:00am to 1:30pm, with a ½ hour lunch, would be the inclusive hours for a regatta.  However, the first two regattas were not able to be completed in that time frame, so the 1:30pm cut off may be too short.  It was decided by consensus that the inclusive time for regattas be changed to 11:00am to 2:00pm with a ½ hour lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.