Enduro 2020

This year’s annual Enduro is now history.  I won’t go into detail about the race format, because it’s been covered elsewhere, but suffice to say that the race is always interesting.

Since the race is always held in early November, weather is the first unknown factor that has be considered.  We always sail the Enduro, rain or shine, heavy winds or no wind, so come prepared.  It’s a study in human optimism to see how people prepare/dress to sail for 4 hours when the weather can change drastically during that period of time; especially since taking anything off, or putting anything on has to be done while sailing.

The second unknown factor is what boat to bring, given the weather, and given what other skippers might bring that could be faster.  Usually, bigger boats do better in this race that smaller boats, but not always.

The third unknown factor is attrition.  The problem can be electrical, mechanical, mystical, or due to incidental contact but if you have to stop, everybody else keeps going. There are no holds in the Enduro, and you have to be sailing at the end of the race for your laps to count.  

This year’s Enduro started off very sunny, but with little wind.  Not to disparage root vegetables, but you had to have just fallen off of the “Turnip-Wagon” to believe the weather was going to hold for 4-hours.  Undaunted, it was with all of these unknowns in mind that the race began.

Fairly quickly, and not unexpectedly, the race separated into two basic fleets; the over-40 group and the under-40 group.  As the race went on there was some attrition, but not as much as in previous years.  Sadly, the authors 10-rater was one that fell victim to what I consider a mystical problem that might be electrical, or might be mechanical, but certainly could not have been due to any fault in the skippers sailing ability.

The race gruelled on!  Sadly, but not surprisingly, the light wind held, but not the sunshine.  About half-way through the race, the clouds rolled in and the temperature started dropping.  Then, around 30-minutes before the end of the race it started to rain. Those of us who had dropped out of the race, due to attrition, yelled words of encouragement from our dry, warm cars.

When the race was ending, boats fairly drifting in the light wind.  Some skippers were verbally willing their boats to get to the counting gate to log one more lap.  Unfortunately, about 5 boats were within inches when the race ended.

In the end, it was a great day and everybody had a good time!  A perfect way to end our sailing season.

Star 45 Racing

It was Herb’s day. He dominated all day long. Five boats arrived at Rosemary Lake on a beautiful October Sunday morning. But, by race time only 3 boats were able to compete due to a variety of issues. Paul and Jim kept trying to beat Herb to the finish line but it only happened on the last race when Jim squeaked out his only victory. Once again, the Star 45 perpetual trophy goes to Herb’s trophy room until 2021. Congrats Herb!

US1M – September 13, 2020

Eight skippers arrived at Rosemary Lake this morning to race in our club’s first US1M racing for this year. The event drew Colin Mosgrove and his #56 MKIII and he, as always, proved to be the best sailor of the day. We sailed 12 races in a fairly steady southerly breeze and Colin was the first finisher in all 12 races. Cliff Martin competed well with his MKIII, but settled for second place. See the results on the racing results page.

Regatta #1 Northeast Footy Series

Seven sailors raced 12 races in very trying conditions. A light breeze swirled all around Rosemary Lake making each leg of every race a serious challenge. Herb seemed to figure it all out when he switched to his A+ rig at lunchtime and was very hard to beat after that.

2020 “Icebreaker”

Eleven sailors with their Soling 1 Meters vied for our club’s perpetual trophy today 8/16/20. A good breeze that rotated all over on each leg made the event a challenging one. After 10 races, Pete DeWolfe emerged as the winner. Congratulations Pete. Enjoy having the old ice bucket until next Spring.

Minuteman MYC 2020 Ice Breaker Champion

Soling 1M Class Update

Just wanted you to pass onto you and your fellow Soling Skippers that the new Soling One Meter Forum is operational. Please to http://www.soling1m.com/  and click on the Forum tab at the top of the home page on the right. The first thing to do is create a Log in and Password. While waiting for approval please review the Forum Rules and use of the site. 

Once you are approved you can start conversations, ask questions post sail boats for sale (anything S1M related), begin discussions about up coming regattas. Anyone already familiar with the EC12 Forum will feel right at home on the Soling forum.  If you don’t see a topic to use create your own.  One skipper has posted that he is in market for a used boat!

For everyone that used to use the Yahoo groups site we tried to save the Building files. They can be found under the “Files” tab at the top of the home screen on the Soling1m website too. 


G. Tim Stone    S1M Class Secretary