Leader Change

Change in MmMYC Leadership


After almost 20 years of serving as Vice-Commodore of the Minuteman Model Yacht Club, Jim Linville has decided to step down.  

In addition to his leadership, he has been, and still is, an invaluable resource for building and sailing guidance within the club.  Many of the members he mentored over the years have gone on to excel as skippers and have become regional and national champions in various classes.

He is known for readily handing his transmitter to curious onlookers for their first taste of radio control sailing, and he always seems to have a spare boat in his van if someone wants to join a race.  

The good news is that he will still be available for mentoring, and he will still be coming to the pond to sail, or at least toprovide commentary while others are sailing.

I want thank him for his leadership, his guidance and his friendship; and for his many years of service to the Club.

Cliff Martin will again be Commodore for the coming year, and John Lamport will again be Treasurer, but Guy Washburn has been voted in to replace Jim as Vice-Commodore.  When you see them at the pond, please thank Jim for his service and welcome Guy to his new position.

Cliff Martin, Commodore

Minuteman Model Yacht Club

Racing cancellation

Cancellation of Open Sailing Time and DF95 Series Regatta on Sunday 7/24/2022


Many parts of Massachusetts, including Needham, are under a “Heat Advisory”.  I’ve been waiting so see if the predictions would change, but the forecast for Needham is that thisunprecedented heat/humidity will continue through Sunday, withthese temperatures expected to be above 95 degrees. Unfortunately, while we have guidelines on how to decide about sailing in other potential weather conditions, we have no guidance regarding high temperatures.  

There are several regular skippers for whom it is unhealthy to be outside in very hot/humid weather.  While I know that we are a competitive lot, and there may be some who are willing to “…give it a go…”, I would feel bad if somebody braved the heat and then had problems.  So, after some discussions, much consideration, and in an abundance of caution, I have decided to postpone the DF95 Series Regatta scheduled for this coming Sunday.

According to our rules, this race will be re-scheduled to take place on 8/21/2022 starting at 10:00 am and we will race until 12 noon.  It will replace the Open Sailing Time that would normally occur.

We will, of course, talk about this during our Winter indoor meetings. 

Don’t hate the Commodore!  Take care and stay cool.

Cliff Martin,

US1M #2

Finally, warmer weather settled in for racing. But, we had winds that switched from Northerly to Southerly at times. Twelve races for 14 skippers, with about half to North and the others to the South. Brisk at times, and dead calm at other times. Frustrating for many skippers, but mastered by Cliff Martin and closely followed by Herb Dreher. Still, we saw 5 different skippers claim a victory.

DF95 #1

Frigid conditions again at Rosemary Lake. Thirteen skippers endured a shifting Northerly to Easterly wind. Cliff Martin acted as race director with Jim Linville and Alain Jousse keeping the scores. Thanks to each of you!
There were 5 different skippers who claimed victories during our racing, and the competition throughout the fleet was fierce. A challenging but fun event even with the frigid conditions. Next week US1M’s will race again.

Soling 1M #1

A gusty, swirling, brisk, Northwest breeze with cool temperatures presented an unusual challenge for 9 Soling skippers. Cliff Martin acted as RD and Jim Linville decided to score the racing. Thanks to both! After 12 very competitive races, the overall winner was Greg LaPlante. Congrats Greg.

Prior to racing, John Lamport used his kayak and Paul’s grappling hook and worked for about 45 minutes trying to locate Jerry Leach’s US1M. No luck! ☹️

US1M Series #1

I don’t usually write up a report for the series regattas, but this regatta seemed to need some discussion.

It’s very early in the sailing season and you would expect some signs of “rusty thumbs” and “creaky boats” with the first race of the season in any class.  However, I have to admit I was tempted to rename this regatta “…the US1M Breakdown and Rescue Regatta”.

As you might expect, skippers got to the pond early to check their boats out and everything seemed to work well on shore.  But once boats got on the water, the situation changed for the worse.  We only had one race in before rescue was needed, and not just one boat.  The initial issues seemed to be loss of signal out on the course, but there were also unexpected battery issuesas well as some rigging issues.  Oh yeah, one skipper dropped his transmitter in the water while tuning.  During the first hour of racing only three races were completed due to rescues and repair holds.  Some skippers were able to get their boats back on the water as racing continued.  However, the troubles didn’t stop there as some skippers continued to have range/signal issues.

Initially the winds were fairly strong, but as the racing continued the course was shortened a little to accommodate lighter winds and make up some time, but the course sailing was still slow. While boats continued to drop out, the good news was that some of the skippers who had electronic or rigging issues, got to re-enter.  Then came race 10, when to everybody’s horror Jerry Leach’s US1M sank (I have to say it!) like a rock, just before the start.

The race was abandoned and a search party was sent out.  Since the time was now about 2:45pm, the RD ended the regatta so people could focus on recovery.  Sadly the boat was not found, but the search will continue again next week, with some sophisticated electronics, and hopefully we will have a recovery.

It was a harsh day of sailing with crazy winds, a lot repairs and a lot of attrition; ending with everybody’s worst nightmare.  What can I say, there’s always next week!  

I really hope we find Jerry’s boat!

Cliff Martin

Ice Breaker 2022

Last weekend (March 27) the Minuteman Model Yacht Club kicked off the 2022 sailing season with its traditional Ice Breaker Regatta at Rosemary Lake in Needham, MA.

Every other year the designated class for this regatta alternates between the S1M and the DF95 classes. This year it was the S1M’s.  The winner receives the coveted Ice Bucket trophy.

While racing didn’t start until 11:00am, it a large number of people showed up around 9:00 to watch and/or help place the marks, and catch up with what’s new after a too long winter.

Ultimately, 15 skippers showed up to race.  13 skippers brought S1m’s to compete for the Ice Bucket trophy and two skippers sailed DF95’s, just to loosen up their rusty thumbs.  While 4 skippers dropped out, during racing, for a variety of reasons, 11 were able to complete all 12 heats. 

The winds were mostly west to south-west, and while the direction didn’t change that much, the variable wind speeds kept everybody guessing.  An unexpected gust could turn what looked like an orderly mark rounding into a frantic melee of skippers trying to control boats that were suddenly rounding up.  Of course, anyone who regularly sails Rosemary Lake would know to expect the unexpected.

It would be fair to say that the racing was very competitive, with 7 different skippers getting at least one first place during the racing.  It was truly hard to tell who was likely to win until the racing was done.  It turns out the no one was more surprisedwhen the scores were finally tallied than the 2022 Ice Bucket trophy winner Greg LaPlant.  Congratulations Greg!

I’m happy to say that the racing was also joined by 4 seemingly enthusiastic new club members.  Some with borrowed boats, some with their own boats.  One new club member who had a baby join the family just two weeks ago, couldn’t sail, but stopped by for a few minutes before having to get back to rejoin the new baby care routine.  He hopes to have enough time to sail his new DF95 with us soon. All seemed to have a good time and we look forward to seeing them again.

Zoom Meeting 2/20/22

The meeting was then called to order at 1:05pm, with 14members in attendance.  

The minutes of the last meeting were sent out ahead of time for review and as a first order of business they were unanimously approved.  

It was then discussed as to whether or not Regatta fees should be charged for non-Series regattas.  Since no trophies are usually given out, there was no reason for regatta fees.  However, that decision could be revisited during the year if the membership decided to issue trophies.  It was further decided that in lieu of trophies Certificates should be awarded as an incentive to newer skippers.  Cliff Martin volunteered to come up with a potential certificate design for the next meeting.

Jim Linville then informed the membership that the Hospital School had not yet restarted the “TUG Program” due to Covid and low enrollment at the school.  We were further informed that the school fully intends to restart the program.

Cliff Martin then presented some proposals for changes/additions to the club rules.  There was lively discussion and the following decisions were made:- The Enduro scoring will recognize first place finishes in two different categories; boats with hull lengths over 40 inchesand over and boats with hull lengths under 40 inches.  This change is to make the Enduro more competitive forsignificant number of skippers who only have hulls under 40 inches.  The winner of the Over 40-inch and over class will receive the Enduro Perpetual Trophy and have their name entered in the website Trophy Room.  The winner of the under 40-inch class will have their name entered in the website Trophy Room.- The make-up for cancelled series regattas will replace the morning free-sail time on the next similar series regatta day.  i.e.  A cancelled Soling Series regatta will be sailed on the morning of the next scheduled Soling Series regatta.o The make-up regattas will start and 10:00am and will end at 12 noon.o 6 heats must be sailed for the regatta to count in the series scoring.o If a make-up regatta is cancelled a second time, of if 6 heats are not completed by 12 noon it will not be rescheduled.o Make-up races will be posted on the website.- The winner of Series regatta will be determined by totaling the five (5) best place finishes.  The skipper with the lowest total will win.  i.e.  a skipper with a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, and a 6th place finish will have a total of 15 (1+2+3+4+5).  A skipper with a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, a 6th, a 7th, and an 8th place finish will have a total of 25 (3+4+5+6+7).  The skipper with 15 points would win.- The results of the Sue Linville Regatta and the Old Timers Regatta will not count in the series regattas.- Chris Obrien requested that in the future member use the email address crimsonpirate78@yahoo.com to reach him.

In addition to the above actions, the following additional changes were made to the 2021 Local Sailing Rules:- Under Websiteo Delete line 3o Add to line 7, A yacht may have more than one skipper in a regatta with the approval of the RD, but any points scored will be assigned to the yacht, not the skipper.- Under Awards/Trophies o Add to line 2, Winning skipper names will be placed in the Trophy Room on the website.o Add to line 3, …at the discretion of Jim Linville.- Under Regatta Start/Finish Timeso Add as a subset to line 1:▪ There will be an open sailing time from 10:00 am to 12 noon.▪ Any class boat may be sailed at this time; no formal racing will be held except as stated in (b).▪ This open sailing time may be used to sail a make-up series regatta.  Check the website for up-to-date information▪ Series regatta racing will begin at 12:30pm and no races will start after 3:00pm.▪ There will be a ½ hour lunch break from 12: noon to 12:30pm.o All non-series regattas will be from 11:00am to 2:00 pm with a ½ hour lunch break.- Delete Appendix A and change Appendix be to Appendix A.

There was a discussion and much interest about radio-controlled marks (Buoybots) and building vs buying.  Cliff Martin said he would try and find out more information.  

It was announced that the final indoor meeting would be held on March 20, at 1:00pm via ZOOM

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm.


To call it a race would be something of a misnomer.  As such, the Enduro is a non-stop endurance contest to see who can get the most laps in 4 hours.  The only limitations on what boat you can sail is that J-boats and Wheelers are not allowed.  Other than that, it’s sail-what-you-got, or can fit in your car.

Admittedly, it can favor the largest boats but factors like battery life, electronic failures, wind conditions, getting caught on marks, doing 360’s, weeds, running aground and, oh yeah, sailing ability, all come into play.   This year we added a new variable.  After the Enduro started, a person started fishing down the bank and decided to cast out past one of our marks (it’s a public venue).  It was only a matter of time before he successfully snagged the anchor rope on our mark and then successfully caught the deep keels of Rick Gates’ and Herb Dreher’s 10R’s.  There they stayed until Herb was able to row out and rescue them.  Meanwhile, the fleet sailed on.

Enduro success is often just trying to guess which hull design might best match the predicted wind, pond hazard and other variable conditions.  In the past, Marblehead, EC12 and Canterbury J class boats have won over some of the larger classes.

This year it was all about the wind, or lack thereof….less than 4 mph.  Maybe it’s just me, but in a regular regatta there may be light wind, but if you can just drift around the course, and finish, there is some closure to the frustration; at least until the next heat starts.  In the Endure, with light wind, closure/relief is hours away.  Not only that, but big boat dominance was not guaranteed as some found their boats being passes by the much smaller, lighter classes.  I’m sure I saw smirks on some skippers with smaller boats as they drifted past the larger classes.  Admittedly, I often found my VM successfully being challenged by a Seawind (whose skipper had not sailed it before and said the boat was badly out of tune).  I guessed wrong this year, I should have brought my US1M.

When it was all said and done, Chris Hornick took home the Enduro perpetual trophy.  He and his 10R seemed to barely notice that the winds were light.  His boat seemed to be able to move when everybody else were standing still.

Because there can be such a discrepancy in boat sizes, and to encourage skippers with smaller boats to participate, this year we decided to also recognize boats were under 40”.   This year, Paul Mercer lead the under 40” classes with his IOM.  Next year I hope to see more of you Soling, DF95 and US1M skippers compete in the under 40” classes.

I can’t leave without recognizing the people who normally don’t sail with us, but came some distances to be with us for the Enduro.  They include our good friends Thom McLaughlin and Larry Mazoway who came from Maine to sail with us and our friends Fred and Mary Goebel who came from Southern Connecticut to watch and visit. 

Finally, I want to thank our scorekeepers Cheryl O’Brien and Jerry Leach.  They had to sit and watch, and listen to us whine about the wind for 4 hours.  Again, thank you.

Chris Hornick 10R21
Greg LaPlanteEC1220
John WhalenM19
Rick Gates10R19
Herb Dreher10R18
Paul MercerIOM18
Chris ObrienEC1217
Thom McLaughlinVM16
Rick LairdEC1216
Al FearnUS1215
Alain Jousse10R14
Cliff MartinVM14
Peter DeWolfeSeawind10
Did Not Finish  
Larry MazowayEC1211
Steve WhiteDF959
Jim LinvilleStar 451

Sailing in Carver

If any skipper would like to sail Soling’s during the week with the group in Plymouth, please send your email address to Rick Meyer at ricmeye@gmail.com.  Their venue is at 3 Plymouth St in Plymouth.  They don’t have a set schedule, but you will be placed on their email list and be notified when they plan to race.

Soling Series 7

Brisk autumn wind from mostly North and Northwest today greeted 12 Soling skippers. We welcomed Rick Meyer and Mike Dunfee who sail with an informal group in Carver.
Pete DeWolfe found it challenging, as race director, to set a course that would remain the same for following races. The winds were so changeable that course changes were made almost every race. Close racing continued through out the day with 7 of the 12 skippers notching a victory. At the end, the low score belonged to one of our guests, Rick Meyer. Congratulations Rick. Well done.
Cliff Martin chose to not race today and kept score instead. Thanks Cliff.

USVMYG Nationals

MmMYC Represented at the USVMYG Nationals

The US Vintage Model Yacht Group held this year’s national regatta in Honey Brook, PA.  Over 32 skippers, with over 66Skipjack’s, Schooner’s, Vintage Marblehead’s (VM) and Vintage 36’s (V36) showed up to compete.  

Cliff Martin, Herb Dreher, Rick Gates and Rick Laird attended, competing in the VM and V36 classes.  Jim Linville attendedbut had mechanical issues in his Schooner and V36 that prevented him from sailing those classes.  He ultimately withdrew from the VM class because the course was very spread out and too much for him to see the marks or walk the course.  I also competed in the Schooner Class with a new boat, but the oversized jib I copied just didn’t work, at all, in the 3-mph wind.  Now, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

The V36 class had 19 competitors and was sailed over two ½-days, with a day in between.  I must say what a difference a day makes.  Herb and I were sailing Comet-36’s, Rick G. was sailinghis newer find, a Peterson Double Ender and Rick L. was sailing a Starlett.  

The first day was calm with 3 gusting to 4 mph winds and everybody was challenged to keep their boats moving in the lighter breezes.  Herbs and my Comet’s sailed well on ½ day oneand we looked forward to ½ day two.

However, ½ day two was blustery with 10 mph winds and everyone was challenged to keep control of their boats in the gusts.  As it turned out, the tuning on my Comet was notadequate for the winds and I struggled with control to windward(tuning during the race was not possible).  Herb’s Comet, on the other hand, seemed quite at home in the wind and at the end of the day Herb got 1st, I got 4th (missed 3rd by one point), Rick G.was 13th and Rick L. was 17th.

The VM class had over 22 boats and included Traditional, High Flyer and Classic designs.  This class was also sailed over two ½-days and the wind was healthy at 8-10 mph on both days.  These bigger boats were very happy.  Herb was sailing his High Flyer-Sun Wind and I was sailing my High Flyer-Magic Dragon I.  Rick G. was sailing another new find, his great looking but unknown Traditional design and Rick L. was sailing his Traditional Madcap.

The High Flyer and Classic fleets tend to be a little faster on some points of sail, so on ½ day one they started 1-minute ahead of the Traditional fleet.  On ½ day two the fleets all started together.  Fast or not, sailing in and through fleets of this size is always a challenge.  As you can imagine, staying on the wind and out of trouble can be difficult at the starts and around marks.

In the end, I got 1st place and Herb got 2nd in the High Flyer division.  Rick L. got 4nd and Rick G. got 11th place in the Traditional division.

I know Jim would rather have sailed, but he had fun watching, critiquing, and visiting with his many friends.  I have to admit, on the blustery day, with my V36 struggling, I wanted to be him.

It was an intense few days’, but fun and I think our club represented well.

Cliff Martin

Author Note:  There may have been more action with Rick Gates and Rick Laird, but I just couldn’t watch them very much and sail.

US1M Series #7

Questionable conditions at the start of our day at Rosemary Lake. Seven skippers stared at a dead calm lake wondering if we would be able to race. Jim Linville and Cliff Martin practiced with their hand built schooners. (see photo). Eventually, the light winds arrived and racing began at the scheduled time of 12:30PM. Cliff Martin, as Race Director, struggled to find an honest course with an upwind leg. Mostly, the winds came from directly across the lake. Twelve close races were logged, with 4 of the 7 skippers notching a victory. At the end, Paul Mercer had the low score. But…….he switched boats with Cliff (just for fun). Paul was quick to acknowledge that anyone can win with Cliff’s boat.

DF95 Series #5

Nine DF95 skippers arrived to compete. But, the wind never arrived! A very slow first race was followed by worsening conditions……which led to an abandonment of racing. ?

US1M Series #6

In a big breeze and in a big fleet of 11 US 1 Meters, our Commodore Cliff Martin completely dominated today’s racing by winning all 9 races. Herb Dreher was the Race Director and set an upwind course of south to solid Orange taken to port, down to Green taken to port, and then back to solid Orange taken to starboard, and return to finish line. Halfway through the racing Herb added the Orange with stripes after Green.
Second place was won by Rick Gates who was consistently in the mix to win each race. There was a points tie for third place with Herb winning that position over Rick Laird through the tie breaker of having 4 second place finishes.
The big breeze made for challenging conditions all throughout the day. Congrats to all the skippers for surviving.
Next weekend we race on Saturday and Sunday.

US1M Series #3

US1M #3 started out with clouds and rain. Twelve skippers openly wondered if the day would improve enough to race. Well….it did and the fleet managed 12 races in a solidly southerly breeze. Cliff Martin decided to forego racing in order to RD the day. Thanks Cliff! All races were out to solid Orange taken to port (a few early races included White taken to port), down to Green taken to port, back to solid Orange taken to starboard, and then to the finish line. Racing was very competitive with 5 different winning skippers. At the end, Herb Dreher prevailed with the low score, closely followed by Paul Mercer, then John Martin. Full scorecard is below and on Racing Results.

Susan Linville Memorial Regatta

The day was expected to be in the low 80’s with winds in the 5-10 mph range.  It turns out that the forecasts were pretty much on the money.  As it turns out, the exception was that the wind seemed to gust up to 5 mph as it was changing direction, which was usually in the middle of our starting countdown.  Fun times!

Even so, eleven skippers showed up to compete in the Sue Linville Regatta.  Everyone looking to snag one of the prized “Ducky Trophies” that Jim Linville prepares every year for this unique event.

The racing was challenging because of the crazy winds.  It was hard to even get a windward start because the wind direction would not hold steady for even one minute.  The good news is the skippers took it all into stride and sailed the best races they could under the circumstances.

However, towards the end of the regatta it was easy to tell that the constant course changes, to try and accommodate the winds, were increasing frustration levels.  After the starts, the racing itself could be rather leisurely because of the light breezes.  One skipper commented that it was almost “Zen-Like”; at least until all of the slow-moving cluster of boats had to round another mark.

But hey!  That’s racing at Rosemary.

At the end of the day, Peter DeWolfe won for his second time in a row.  Second Place was awarded to John Martin; Third Place was awarded to Paul Mercer and Fourth Place was awarded to Herb Dreher.  Congratulations, everyone!

Many thanks for all the skippers who came to honor Jim Linville’s late wife.  Also, many thanks to Sue Martin who came out to keep score.  All-in-all, it was a good day.

Volunteers Needed on 11/7/21

This year our regular score keeper is not available so 2 volunteers are needed to keep score at this year’s 4-Hour Enduro, taking place on November 7.  No prior experience is needed; pond-side training provided.  

Volunteers must be able to:1. See sail numbers 2. Read numbers and write numbers. 3. Sit for long periods of time

If you meet these qualifications, or know someone who does,please contact Cliff Martin, Jim Linville or John Lamport.

Revised Schedule

What a crazy year it’s been so far, we have had 5 race cancellation because of the weather, probably a record. Cliff and I have gone through the schedule to fit the cancelled races into the reminder of the year. All cancelled race have been reschedule. Per the format we had agreed upon earlier in the year we first used the available Sundays, then we started in on Saturdays. 
Attached is the schedule we have decided upon, please review and make sure you know the dates of the regattas you wish to sail in. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Soling Series #5

Rosemary presented its usual challenges of light and shifty winds.  There was a lot of mumbling, “I hope I can drift around this mark without fouling someone or being fouled.

DF95 Series #5

A beautiful summer’s day attracted 12 skippers for racing today. Twelve races were sailed with 6 different skippers claiming a victory.
The breeze was better than our most recent sail dates, and that made for some close sailing.
Final calculations showed the low score belonged to Paul Mercer. Final results are posted below and on the MmMYC website.

Soling Series #5. August 8, 2021

Soling day at Rosemary never happened. Eight skippers waited patiently for a breeze to develop; but, it never did. Next week we will try again with DF95’s. This event has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 21, 2021

US1M Series #5

US 1 Meters at Rosemary Lake today. Twelve skippers came to compete with Herb Dreher as Race Director. Weather was spectacular. Breeze was fickle in places (as always at Rosemary Lake) but mostly steady from the South. Herb sent the fleet to solid orange, back to green, with port roundings and then to finish line. A good breeze made it easy to add a second upwind leg, back to orange with starboard rounding and then finish. Racing was close throughout and there were 4 different winners. Final score showed Commodore Cliff Martin as the overall winner. Results below

DF95 #4. July, 25, 2021

Nine very patient DF95 skippers waited out the downpours and then began the scheduled racing. Bob Pacini brought his pop up tent and that kept most everyone dry until the rain subsided. Thanks Bob!
Herb Dreher was the RD and he set the course to the southerly orange, back to green and then to the finish with all roundings to port. In a pretty brisk breeze the course was sailed quickly, so Herb added another upwind leg back to orange with a starboard rounding and a downwind finish.
The racing was close throughout and there were 5 different winners of the total 12 races. At the end, Paul Mercer was the low point winner. All results are listed below.

Old Timers Regatta 2021

Today was the Old Timers Regatta won, once again, by Herb Dreher. Eleven skippers vied for the coveted cane! Afterwards, most of the sailors attended a post racing party at the Mosgrove home. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Scott Spacie Footy Regatta

The Scott Spacie Memorial Footy Regatta was held at Rosemary Lake, Needham MA, hosted by Minuteman Model Yacht Club. This is the third Regatta in this year’s Nor’easter Footy Regatta Series. The Sheila Ryan Memorial Footy Regatta, the fourth Regatta in the series, is scheduled for August 14 at Lily Pond, Gilford NH.

Fourth of July

Open sailing at Rosemary Lake today. About 10 skippers came to sail boats of many different sizes and shapes. Drone photos are from Pete DeWolfe.

July 4th Open Sailing

In the past we have had an open sailing day on the 4th of July in conjunction with the Town of Needham Independence Day activities. The Club made up its schedule thinking that the activities would be on the 4th. Unfortunately, this year the Town has decided to move its Independence Day activities to Monday, the 5th of July.
After due consideration, and some discussions, I’ve decided that we should keep to the Clubs published schedule and have our open sailing day on the 4th. People have made their personal plans based on our published schedule and it wouldn’t be fair to change at the last minute.
Some skippers have talked about bringing their 10-Rater’s if they have them, but bring whatever you have and we will sail them for a couple of hours, and have fun.
The sailing starts at Noon.
See you there!
Cliff Martin

US1Meter #3

A very warm partly sunny day greeted 11 US1M skippers at Rosemary Lake. Winds were brisk mostly from the South, but in places it swirled, as always. Cliff Martin chose to act as RD instead of racing and selected a course that stayed the same through 10 races, that being left to right upwind to Red, over to solid Orange, down to Green, back to solid Orange, then to the finish line. The last two races were shortened by the last leg……meaning the finish came after Green.
Colin Mosgrove arrived to compete, which meant the rest of us would challenge for second place. Colin won 11 of the 12 races. Way to go Colin! The brisk breeze caused some boats to drop out. Seven boats survived to sail all 12 races.

DF95 Series #3

Near perfect sailing conditions for DF95 Series today. Thirteen skippers came to compete. Trying to find the best upwind legs, RD Pete DeWolfe made many course changes during the day. He also tried different starting lines. All races were counter clockwise courses in a breeze that came and went….but averaged 6 kts. Five skippers had winning races, and in the end the low scorer and winner of the day was Cliff Martin.

Soling Series #3

11 Solings arrived at Rosemary Lake today on a very warm day. There was a pre-race incident between Soling #606 and Soling #4070 and it resulted in #4070 being “holed” and she sunk immediately. Greg LaPlant (Soling #514) was on his way to retrieve his boat in the kayak, and he graciously diverted his course, was given a boat hook, and shortly thereafter he managed to snag #4070. (See below photos) That eliminated one boat from the field. Jim Linville decided to skip racing and Steve White had to leave early; consequently, there were 8 boats left to race.

Winds were Westerly and Soutwesterly and were particularly challenging along the shore. Cliff picked courses that we rarely sail in an attempt to find upwind legs. Racing was close throughout the day with 6 different skippers notching wins. At the end, Pete DeWolfe prevailed again.

US1M racing postponed


Skippers, due to a ≥90% chance of rain, the US1M Series Regatta scheduled for today (Sunday, May 30, 2021) will be cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday, Sept 5, 2021. Please change your calendars accordingly.

DF95 Series #2

A warm mostly sunny day for our DF95 series. Winds, as is typical for Rosemary Lake, swirled in every direction making the course selection difficult for our Race Director, Pete DeWolfe.
Twelve skippers tried their hands at multiple courses and at the end, once again, Pete DeWolfe prevailed with the low score.

A special “thanks” goes to Rick Gates for performing multiple boat rescues in the kayak!!

Revised Sailing Format

Attention Skippers- New Sailing Schedule Beginning Sunday, May 23, 2021

Based on the newest guidance from the CDC, and the governor’s intention to remove capacity restrictions in a few days, we have decided to go back to our Sunday sailing schedule that was in effect prior to the Pandemic.

The new Sunday schedule will have open, fun sailing in the morning, starting at 10:00am and going until Noon.  There will be a lunch break from Noon until 12:30pm.  The formal, scheduled series racing, listed on our schedule, will then start and go until 2:30pm.

Open, fun sailing means that people can bring and sail any model yacht they have.  There may be informal races (a starting timer will be present) but no scorekeeper will be provided andscores will not be counted towards a formal series regatta.  

Masks and social distancing will no longer be required for vaccinated individuals, but are optional if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Unvaccinated individuals should still wear masks and social distance until they are fully vaccinated.

See you at the pond!

Soling #2

Nine skippers for Soling series #2. Nice warm day with wind that came and went in every direction made for challenging conditions. Once again, Cliff Martin proved to be the best overall.
Thanks to Jerry and Jim for scoring the close racing and the start/finish line! ?

US1M Series #2

Tricky winds all over the course, especially at the Red mark and the Green mark, made for a challenging day of racing. The clear winner again was Chris Hornick. John Whalen returned to compete with #18 and was near the top in every race.

Kayak Help Needed

Skippers, the reality of sailing model yachts is that at some time or another they will not be able to make it back to shore without help.  Essentially, you can’t have a sailboat regatta without a rescue boat.

MmMYC has been fortunate in that Jim Linville has kept the Club Kayak at his house and has brought it whenever MmMYC has a sailing event, AND he has been doing it for many, many years.  It has been a burden that Jim has happily carried, but he can’t do it anymore.

The Club needs a volunteer (or volunteers) with a truck or van to take over this responsibility.  It’s not hard, but it is a commitment.  The Club will ensure you have a car rack if needed.

The Club is also working on some alternative rescue methods that may not require a Kayak, but until they become a reality, we will still need the Kayak.  If we can’t find someone to help, we may have to curtail some of our sailing.

Please contact me or Jim Linville or John Lamport if you are willing to help, or if you have questions.


Cliff Martin,

Commodore, MmMYC

Chris Hornick’s day!

Big Soling fleet (13 boats) competed today at Rosemary Lake. Breeze was a bit swirling, but the frequent course changes made for a fun day and close competition. Two new faces joined us, so we welcomed Sam and Greg. Cliff Martin graciously gave up his chance to race in order to give us a well run day as Race Director. Thanks again Cliff.
At the end, Chris Hornick prevailed with the low score. He also was finally awarded the club’s new Enduro Trophy for his victory last November.

New club policies on weather delays

Minutes MmMYC Ad Hoc Zoom Meeting

April 11, 2021

MmMYC ad hoc Zoom started at 7:00pm with 15 members in attendance.  

The first order of business was to define what conditions would cause a regatta to be cancelled.  After discussion, it was decided by consensus that a forecast showing 60% or greater chance of rain, during the hours we would sail, would be sufficient cause to cancel a regatta.

The next order of business was to decide when a regatta would be cancelled and how it would be rescheduled.  After much discussion, it was decided by consensus that a regatta would not be cancelled until the morning of the regatta, using the above criteria.  It was further decided that the cancelled regatta would be rescheduled on the next available Sunday.  Note: Three available Sundays were identified on the MmMYC schedule.  If no Sundays were available on the MmMYC schedule, then a cancelled regatta would be scheduled on the next available Saturday on the MmMYC.  No consideration would be given to conflicts with other club regattas.  

The final order of business was about the hours of sailing for a regatta.  During the Winter Zoom meetings, it was decided that 11:00am to 1:30pm, with a ½ hour lunch, would be the inclusive hours for a regatta.  However, the first two regattas were not able to be completed in that time frame, so the 1:30pm cut off may be too short.  It was decided by consensus that the inclusive time for regattas be changed to 11:00am to 2:00pm with a ½ hour lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

US1M racing April 11

Nine skippers competed in very chilly windy conditions today. By the end, only 4 boats were able to keep racing. Our Commodore, Cliff Martin, prevailed with the low score. The day seemed more like the Icebreaker. Sure was frigid.

It’s a Re-Pete at the Icebreaker

Pete DeWolfe returned to Rosemary Lake and successfully defended his Icebreaker championship. Pete won it last year with his Soling, and this year with his DF95. Twelve skippers competed in very chilly and at times swirling windy conditions. The bright sunshine made for a fun day and the racing was competitive throughout. So our 2021 season is underway!!

2021 Icebreaker Champion – Pete DeWolfe