Susan Linville Memorial Regatta

The day was expected to be in the low 80’s with winds in the 5-10 mph range.  It turns out that the forecasts were pretty much on the money.  As it turns out, the exception was that the wind seemed to gust up to 5 mph as it was changing direction, which was usually in the middle of our starting countdown.  Fun times!

Even so, eleven skippers showed up to compete in the Sue Linville Regatta.  Everyone looking to snag one of the prized “Ducky Trophies” that Jim Linville prepares every year for this unique event.

The racing was challenging because of the crazy winds.  It was hard to even get a windward start because the wind direction would not hold steady for even one minute.  The good news is the skippers took it all into stride and sailed the best races they could under the circumstances.

However, towards the end of the regatta it was easy to tell that the constant course changes, to try and accommodate the winds, were increasing frustration levels.  After the starts, the racing itself could be rather leisurely because of the light breezes.  One skipper commented that it was almost “Zen-Like”; at least until all of the slow-moving cluster of boats had to round another mark.

But hey!  That’s racing at Rosemary.

At the end of the day, Peter DeWolfe won for his second time in a row.  Second Place was awarded to John Martin; Third Place was awarded to Paul Mercer and Fourth Place was awarded to Herb Dreher.  Congratulations, everyone!

Many thanks for all the skippers who came to honor Jim Linville’s late wife.  Also, many thanks to Sue Martin who came out to keep score.  All-in-all, it was a good day.