Racing cancellation

Cancellation of Open Sailing Time and DF95 Series Regatta on Sunday 7/24/2022


Many parts of Massachusetts, including Needham, are under a “Heat Advisory”.  I’ve been waiting so see if the predictions would change, but the forecast for Needham is that thisunprecedented heat/humidity will continue through Sunday, withthese temperatures expected to be above 95 degrees. Unfortunately, while we have guidelines on how to decide about sailing in other potential weather conditions, we have no guidance regarding high temperatures.  

There are several regular skippers for whom it is unhealthy to be outside in very hot/humid weather.  While I know that we are a competitive lot, and there may be some who are willing to “…give it a go…”, I would feel bad if somebody braved the heat and then had problems.  So, after some discussions, much consideration, and in an abundance of caution, I have decided to postpone the DF95 Series Regatta scheduled for this coming Sunday.

According to our rules, this race will be re-scheduled to take place on 8/21/2022 starting at 10:00 am and we will race until 12 noon.  It will replace the Open Sailing Time that would normally occur.

We will, of course, talk about this during our Winter indoor meetings. 

Don’t hate the Commodore!  Take care and stay cool.

Cliff Martin,