New club policies on weather delays

Minutes MmMYC Ad Hoc Zoom Meeting

April 11, 2021

MmMYC ad hoc Zoom started at 7:00pm with 15 members in attendance.  

The first order of business was to define what conditions would cause a regatta to be cancelled.  After discussion, it was decided by consensus that a forecast showing 60% or greater chance of rain, during the hours we would sail, would be sufficient cause to cancel a regatta.

The next order of business was to decide when a regatta would be cancelled and how it would be rescheduled.  After much discussion, it was decided by consensus that a regatta would not be cancelled until the morning of the regatta, using the above criteria.  It was further decided that the cancelled regatta would be rescheduled on the next available Sunday.  Note: Three available Sundays were identified on the MmMYC schedule.  If no Sundays were available on the MmMYC schedule, then a cancelled regatta would be scheduled on the next available Saturday on the MmMYC.  No consideration would be given to conflicts with other club regattas.  

The final order of business was about the hours of sailing for a regatta.  During the Winter Zoom meetings, it was decided that 11:00am to 1:30pm, with a ½ hour lunch, would be the inclusive hours for a regatta.  However, the first two regattas were not able to be completed in that time frame, so the 1:30pm cut off may be too short.  It was decided by consensus that the inclusive time for regattas be changed to 11:00am to 2:00pm with a ½ hour lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.