Icebreaker Rescheduled


I want to bring everybody up to speed about a couple of things.

First, MmMYC has a new leadership structure.  The new officers are listed below, and they are also listed on the MmMYC Website.

Commodore:  Cliff Martin

Vice Commodore:  Greg LaPlante

DF95 Feet Captain:  Paul Mercer

Soling Fleet Captain:  Allain Jousse

US1M Fleet Captain:  Rick Gates

During our winter indoor meetings, we elected to give Fleet Captains more autonomy and responsibility over their respectivefleets.  Each Fleet Captain will now make the necessary decisions if their fleet regatta needs to be delayed or cancelled due to weather and will make sure the fleet racing is well run at the pond.  Please give them your help and support in making these decisions and when sailing.

Second, the weather seems like it may be our nemesis again this year, as we have already had to postpone the Ice Breaker.  Something we have rarely done, if ever, in the past.

After discussions, skippers wanted the Ice Breaker to be rescheduled.  It’s an open regatta so you can sail anything, but since the Soling’s will be competing for the trophy, it was decided that it will be held in the morning of the Soling Series Regatta #1, on April 14, 2024.  Hopefully, not too many skippers will have to bring two boats.

Per club rules, the Ice Breaker will begin at 10:00am and end at 12 Noon.  Soling Series race #1 will begin at 12:45pm and no racing will start after 3:15.

Third, Paul and John are working to get our new BuoyBot online and working as needed.  We hope to use it for the Ice Breaker.  In trials, Paul was able to get the buoy motoring around without snagging anything, and Greg was able to get around the far marks with no issues, so for now, the pond seems relatively weed free.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

Cliff Martin,