Fall Has Fell

Today’s US1M Series race #7, and US1M Series make-up race #6, was blown out.  

The supposedly 17mph winds looked much worse as we looked out across the pond.  Most of the skippers present were grumbling and nodding their heads that a regatta in the prevailing winds could come to no good.

However, one skipper among us, a blue water big boat sailor,was unafraid of a little wind and decided to test his boat ahead of the official start time.  We watched as his boat screamed across the pond; spray flying, sails healing, bow dipping, butmostly in control.  As we watched we were all feeling a little less like the hearty sailors we all thought we were.

We watched wondering if we really could sail in the high wind when disaster struck.  To our horror, the boat suddenly floppedcompletely over on its side…the keel had fallen off.

It’s possible the wind had nothing to do with the keel falling off, but we all took it as a sign.  I’m sure as the wind rustled through the trees I could hear the eerie words, “DON’T SAIL!…GO HOME!”…I’LL GET YOU! AND YOUR LITTLE BOAT TOO!”.

I mean, even the heartiest of skippers can’t ignore that.

So, after the sad, crippled craft was rescued, we hung around to make sure nobody else showed up, and then heeded the ominous warning.

As I drove away, I couldn’t help but think of that keel, laying at the bottom of the pond in Davey Jones Locker (assuming ponds have a Davey Jones Locker), a possible forever tribute so other sailboats may live and sail another day.

Rest in peace little keel!

Soling 1 Meter Series regatta #7  

This regatta will take place next Sunday, 10/09/2022.  Jim Linville, Herb Dreher, Alain Jousse, Rick Gates, Rick Laird and Cliff Martin will all be away at the US Vintage Nationals.  

Greg LaPlante won the last S1M Series regatta and is the designated Race Director.  He will also be bringing his pontoon boat should any rescues be necessary.

Have fun!