Old Timers Regatta

Old Timers Regatta-2022

The Old Timers Regatta is an annual event open to skippers over 65, who have (or can borrow) a US1M.  This Regatta is unique because after racing is completed, scores are reduced by a predetermined number depending on the skipper’s age.  This deduction is shown in the “Age Adj.” column.  The older the skipper, the greater the reduction.  Sometimes the Age Adjustment doesn’t change the rankings, but sometimes it does.

This years Old Timers Regatta was sailed on the 3rd of July.  A warm, humid, frustratingly variable, windy day.  On any heat some of the fleet could be sitting in a calm while another part of the fleet cold be ghosting along, catching up to the becalmed boats; while another part of the fleet could be hit with a gust that had boats rounding up and out of control.  None of these wind events necessarily occurred in the order I gave, or at the same place on the pond.  It could be a challenge to say the least, and the lead of a given heat could change several times before racing was completed.

As I said, the sailing wasn’t easy, but despite the stressful winds the pondside atmosphere was very congenial and skippers did necessary (and sometimes unavoidable) penalty turns with little complaint.  Herb Dreher successfully defended against all challengers and took home the perpetual Old Timers Regatta Cane.  Congrats, Herb!

I want to thank the skippers who came out to sails with us, and I especially want to thank RD Chris O’Brien and his wife Cheryl for keeping score and keeping things running smoothly.

See everybody again next year!

Cliff Martin, Commodore

Herb Dreher28820
John Martin32428
Cliff Martin31229
Paul Mercer40436
Rick Laird43241
Jim Linville55847
Rick Gates54252
John Lamport64262
Alain Jousse72666
Ron Casciato72666