US1M Series #3

This Memorial Weekend regatta was projected to have light winds, and for a change the forecast was fairly accurate.  Fortunately, the breezes would occasionally freshen up to make things more interesting. 

10 skippers showed up to sail including our friend Chris Hornick, who showed us the way around the course.  He’s not able to sail with us often, but when he does he’s usually at the front of the fleet.

Greg LaPlante, Jim Linville and your author all had some technical issues with their boats.  Some problems could be fixed so the skippers could get back on the water without having to miss too many heats.  Some issues could not be overcome at the pond.

The sailing was fairly trouble/penalty free, but there were a few more discussions about mark rounding’s, as the wind began to go away during the last couple of races.

It was a good day of sailing and especially nice because our friend Colin Mosgrove dropped by the pond to say “Hello”!

Everybody stay safe!