Rosemary Lake Update


Soling 1 Meter regattas #5 and #6 were sailed at Rosemary Lake last weekend.  Before the start of racing, we saw significantly less visible vegetation/debris on the lake surface.  Out of the 20 heats raced, there were only a couple of instances where a skipper had to remove weed from a keel.  Essentially, the skippers only had to contend with the ever-fluky wind.

Based on this experience, it has been decided that the Club willbe able to continue sailing at Rosemary Lake.

I appreciate the feedback and cooperation that club members have shown as we worked through weed issues and attempts to find suitable alternative sites.  I hope the remainder of this sailing season will be trouble-free and enjoyable.

Cliff Martin, Commodore

Soling Series Update

Skippers, today’s S1M regatta was supposed to be a double-header, with Series Regatta #4 in the morning and Series Regatta #5 in the afternoon.  However, as luck would have it, there was some pre-race/early race attrition resulting in about ½ of the usual S1M skippers not being able to compete.  As a result, it was decided to finish the morning regatta (S1M #4) and postpone the afternoon regatta (S1M #5).  Then, have a double-header at the next scheduled S1M Series race (S1M #6).

As for racing, the day turned out to have moderate but very shifty winds for the remaining skippers.  This made sailing a predictable course between marks a challenge  Fortunately, the few weeds we had were annoying, but there were not enough weeds to be discouraging.  As compensation, we scored an additional throw-out giving the skippers three instead of 2).  The winds, plus the small fleet made the racing fairly close.  

We look forward to seeing everyone at next Sunday for the Sue Linville regatta.  

Cliff Martin,


Buckmaster Pond

Skippers, Rosemary Lake has become heavily weeded, so it was decided to check out Buckmaster Pond, in Westwood, MA, as an alternate sailing site.  Paul Mercer, Herb Dreher and I went there last Friday to decide if it was acceptable.  We found a large pond with about 30 yards of pebbly beach.  The pond was largely weed free (much, much better than Rosemary).  There is a parking lot next to a large lawn area which is between the parking lot and the beach where we will said.  You will have to wade-in to launch, but the pond bottom is firm.  We think it is a good place to try out next weekend for the double DF95 Series regattas.  

Again, next Sunday, starting at 10:00am, we will be racing DF95’s at Buckmaster Pond, not Rosemary Lake.  See you there!

Buckmaster Pond is on Pond Road off of Route 109 in Westwood.  It is a little over 2 miles from where Route 109 intersects with highway 95/128, if you want to come on the highway.

Cliff Martin,

Venue Change

Skippers, the US1M Series regatta last weekend encountered unprecedented amounts of weed all around the pond.  The green mark on the left side of the course is completely surrounded for several feet by weed, and has been for a couple of weeks.  What caused the most problem was the amount of weed that was present below the surface of the water and couldn’t be seen or avoided.  Every boat got burdened with weed multiple times, to the point where sailors felt they no longer wanted to race if this was going to be the weed situation going forward.  Our only recourse seems to be to find another venue.

Tomorrow, Paul Mercer and I (and possibly Herb Dreher) will be checking out a site called Buckmaster Pond in Westwood, MA.  I’ve gotten permission from the Town of Westwood to use the pond, and if it looks passible we are going to try and hold our twin DF-95 Series regattas there on the 23rd of this month.  I’m hoping this will be a good site and it doesn’t cause any skipper problems getting to the site.  After we check out the site, if it’s “good-to-go” I’ll send out directions to the site.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.


Cliff Martin,

Commodore, MmMYC

Leader Change

Change in MmMYC Leadership


After almost 20 years of serving as Vice-Commodore of the Minuteman Model Yacht Club, Jim Linville has decided to step down.  

In addition to his leadership, he has been, and still is, an invaluable resource for building and sailing guidance within the club.  Many of the members he mentored over the years have gone on to excel as skippers and have become regional and national champions in various classes.

He is known for readily handing his transmitter to curious onlookers for their first taste of radio control sailing, and he always seems to have a spare boat in his van if someone wants to join a race.  

The good news is that he will still be available for mentoring, and he will still be coming to the pond to sail, or at least toprovide commentary while others are sailing.

I want thank him for his leadership, his guidance and his friendship; and for his many years of service to the Club.

Cliff Martin will again be Commodore for the coming year, and John Lamport will again be Treasurer, but Guy Washburn has been voted in to replace Jim as Vice-Commodore.  When you see them at the pond, please thank Jim for his service and welcome Guy to his new position.

Cliff Martin, Commodore

Minuteman Model Yacht Club