Sailing with Covid-19

New Rules for 2020 Sailing. 1. Marks will be dropped into Rosemary Lake as soon as the Town says it is Ok and the barrels blocking the parking lot are removed.2. You will now need to wade into the water to launch your boat, so bring boots or wading shoes.3. Social distancing (staying at least 6 feet from other skippers) will be practiced at the pond.4. Masks are also highly recommended while at the pond, but will be required if social distancing is not possible.5. No more than 10 skippers can sail at one time.  If more than 10 want to sail, they will be divided into two equal sized fleets and the two fleets will revolve sailing for ½ hour each.6. We will use the existing Club website schedule to indicate which boats are planning to sail that day, or you can bring any boat you want. 7. We will start the season by having “Open Sailing” from 11 am to 1 pm.a. We will bring a timer, skippers can race, but we won’t keep score, and people who don’t want to race can still sail.8. We may begin having official regattas when it is determined that people will follow the rules and we can all be comfortable sailing.a. Once we begin having official regattas, masks will be required while sailing the race heats as social distancing may be difficult to judge or maintain during the races.

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