Sailing Update

Dear Skippers,

As you know some States have recently started the limited opening of outdoor social venues as long as people wore masks and social distancing was possible.  As a result, other model yacht clubs with suitable sites for social distancing have begun to open their venues for casual sailing.  These clubs are limiting numbers, requiring masks and enforcing social distancing.

The Minuteman Model Yacht Club has been hoping that we could also start casual sailing at one of our venues.  To that end, we have been closely monitoring our Needham Reservoir venue, but have found that this year there are regularly significant numbers of walkers and fishermen along the narrow walking path where we sail.  Even the wider fishing patio/platform will usually have several fishermen standing or sitting.  Sadly, a majority of these adults and children along the path have not been observed to wear masks.  I don’t see how a significant number of our members can comfortably or safely use this site where State recommended safety precautions are not being followed.

We have also been monitoring our Rosemary Lake venue.  As you know, it has been drained for dredging since last Summer.  The dredging is now complete; the modifications to the area where we sail and edge of the Lake seem close to completion, and the Lake itself appears close to being full, again.  However, there still seems to be some work to be completed and the parking lot is still blocked off.  This site is nice because there is no high-volume, regular traffic from walkers or fishermen, and there is room to social distance skippers.  In discussions with the Town of Needham, Rosemary Lake should be opening soon.

With this in mind, the decision has been made to postpone the start of casual sailing until we can start at Rosemary.  It seems to be a site better suited to our needs.  I know that some may not agree with this decision, but we must put the safety of all skippers first.

I’ll keep you posted.  I hope to see you at Rosemary Lake, soon.

Cliff Martin, 

Commodore, MmMYC

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