Enduro 2019

Minuteman Model Yacht Club (#25)

Cliff Martin, Commodore

As it always does, the end of the MmMYC sailing season has rolled around once again, but there was one more race to be sailed. The Enduro! To those unfamiliar with this annual ritual, the Enduro is a race with one start followed by one finish 4 hours later.  That’s right!  It’s continuous sailing with no holds and no breaks for anybody or for any reason.  Battery changes, boat rescues, snacks, lunches, etc. all have to take place while everybody continues sailing and collecting laps.  The course is laid out so that it is fairly long, with 6 marks to be rounded (4 taken to port and 2 taken to starboard).  Scoring is aided by a gate, which all boats must pass through, on each lap, for the lap to be counted.  

A skipper may sail any boat they have (or can borrow) except Wheelers and the big J’s.  Past Enduros have been won by IOM’s, Classic Marblehead’s, Modern Marblehead’s, EC12’s, 10-Rater’s and a Canterbury J. One year when the wind was particularly heavy, a Soling 1M (sailed by Susan Linville) was able to finish second. The boatthat is still sailing at the end of 4 hours, and has the most laps, wins.  It may sound like a free-for-all but the rules of sailing still apply, the only exception is that we allow the marks to be touched as long as they are rounded on the proper side.  

This year a fleet of 15 boats line up and had an eclectic mix of 10-Rater’s, EC12’s, Traditional Vintage M’s, a High-Flyer M, a Canterbury J, a Soling and a US1M.

Unlike some previous years, the weather was good and the winds were variable but brisk.  Nobody really had problems keeping their boats moving, but the occasional gust would cause some boats to round-up and others to scurry to keep clear.  At the finish, 6 of the skippers who started were not on the water, due to a variety of reasons, and 9 skippers were able to have their laps counted.  The results are shown below.

While the Enduro is somewhat competitive, with most everyone sailing hard for the 4 hours, skippers still joke around with each other and have a good time.  Who can ask for more?

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Mary Goebel and Sue Martin for doing the lap counting for us.  It’s a tedious 4-hour job and the club really appreciates their help (…just so the winner can have bragging rights until the next Enduro).

Skippers in the order of their finish and their lap count:

Fred Goebel – 40
Rick Laird – 39 
Thom McLaughlin – 38
Colin Mosgrove – 36
Rick Gates – 31
John Lamport – 28
Alain Jousse – 27
John Martin – 26
Lincoln Ross – 16

Skippers not on the water at the finish:
Jim Linville – 17
Paul Mercer – 6
Al Fearn – 6
Chris Hornick – 4
Cliff Martin – 3
Steve White – 2

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