2019 USVMYG Nationals

2019 USVMYG Nationals by Cliff Martin

This year’s USVMYG Nationals were held at a beautiful campground in Pennsylvania.  Herb Dreher, Jim Linville, Rick Laird and I decided to “test-our-metal” against the Vintage Model Yacht group, so we packed up our boats and headed out.

There were 16 total races for each fleet, broken up into 8 races in a 4-hour time period on two different days.  The Traditional and High Flyer Marblehead’s were sailed at the same time, but the Traditional fleet was started 2 minutes after the High Flyers. 

The V 36’s sailed on Friday evening in light and somewhat variable winds (very much like Rosemary), then again on Saturday morning in slightly better breezes.  Those of us without “B” rigs (mainly me) were somewhat concerned, but the winds were very manageable, except for the occasional gust.  

Because of wind direction and distance from the control area, V 36 racing was somewhat challenging around the outside marks.  Even so, everyone seemed to take it in stride and the racing was very competitive.  Herb, Jim and I were often fortunate enough to get in front of the main pack and avoid “jams” around the mark.  Everyone was not so fortunate.  Towards the end of racing, Herb began to have control issues and eventually had to drop out of the last race because the gear on his sail control arm stripped….very unusual!

The Traditional and High Flyer Marblehead’s sailed on Saturday evening in adequate, but somewhat variable winds, then again on Sunday morning in similar breezes.  

The Marblehead racing was also challenging, but for a different reason.  The course was shortened, somewhat, and the fleets were required to do two laps, with the Traditional fleet starting 2 minutes after the High Flyers.  Unfortunately, the High Flyers were able to complete their first lap at the same time the Traditional fleet was just starting.  So, the fleet of 7-High Flyers suddenly turned into a fleet of 24 Marblehead’s all headed to the first windward mark at the same time, from different directions. Again, everyone seemed to take it in stride and the racing was again very competitive.  Herb was on his game and dominated the High Flyers with 10 first places out of 16 races.  I managed to snatch 4 firsts from Herb and then had to settled for most of the second places.  Sigh!

Below are the results for Minuteman skippers that participated.

Vintage 36 – 14 Skippers

1st – Cliff Martin – 26 Points – Comet 36

2nd – Jim Linville – 51 Points – Rip Tide 36

3rd – Herb Dreher – 60 Points – Comet 36

11th – Rick Laird – 126 Points – Yankee III

Traditional Marblehead – 17 Skippers

2nd – Rick Laird – 49.8 Points – Madcap

High Flyer Marblehead – 7 Skippers

1st – Herb Dreher – 20 Points – Sun Wind

2nd – Cliff Martin – 24 Points – Magic Dragon

All photos were taken by Judy Bonanno

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