Scott Spacie Footy Regatta

Scott Spacie and his good friend Bill Hagerup were heavily involved in much of the early Footy Class development.  Bill would design, then Scott and Bill would build and test those designs.  The running joke during those times was that Scott and Bill never sailed the same boat twice.  They always showed up with a new design.  Great hulls came out of that collaboration and plans for a couple of their very competitive designs (Cobra and Razor) are readily available on line for those who would like to build their own.

Scott passed too soon and his good-natured presence has been missed.  We enjoy this annual opportunity to get together and remember him and his contributions.

This year’s Scott Spacie Regatta came on one of the hottest days of the summer, with the heat index close to 1070F.  Several skippers could not sail because of the heat, but happily the sailing control area was in the shade and 8 skippers were able to race.

On this day, the wind was not necessarily cooperative and it was sometimes hard to find on the pond.  When the wind was found, it did not always appear where everyone was sailing.  It was not uncommon for a few boats to catch a fleeting puff while other skippers watched in envy.  It might be my imagination, but it seemed like the boats behind would always find enough gusts so they could catch up to the leaders so everyone could joyfully float in a group around the next mark.

But these are Footies, and they are sailing on Rosemary Lake, so no big surprise.  We had a fun day.  

Of the top 3 finishers, Cliff Martin was sailing one of Bill Hagerup’s 3-D printed Footy designs and Herb Dreher was sailing one of Bill’s Razor II hulls (given to him by Scott Spacie).  Just to round out the top 3, Steve Doherty was sailing a Pool Shark.

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